I’m Still Alive Post (or so I would like to think)

Hey people!

So I know about a month ago (probably longer) I stated my blogging ways would resume….well I obviously lied, though I WAS pretty busy. Now that I’m done (ish) with video art installation for Sled Island (where I collaborated with Leslie Bell  to transform the EMMEDIA screening room), now all I have to focus on is my EMMEDIA production access scholarship (where I am literally commissioned to make a work. AWESOME!) and a Radio for the Daydreamer  music video. I know it doesn’t sound much but when you typically have to spend at least 30 hours per project on top of work and the abundances of birthdays around this time of the year, blogging isn’t quite as important. And since between now and my last post, I’ve had a plethora of projects popping up, as you can probably tell from above. Along the way, I was invited to participate in a local show 100% Bounce Rate where a group of artists raid an internet cafe and show art that is online based only. The turn out and vibe was great for such a small venue. The same curators are looking to create another show with the same group of people in the future. I might be in it too!

But perhaps enough of the artist talk, it’s driving me somewhat mad. Now I just want to post the three musicians I had the pleasure to meet and create videos for last night (June 23) at one of the Sled Island venues. In order of appearance throughout the night:


Calvin McElroy’s solo side project. He’s in a band called Gobble Gobble as well. If you’ve been paying attention to my posts here, then you would know that this is right up my alley. Ambient electronic instrumental music. Hearing it live is even better. The personal touches he gives performing it live was especially great in the small and intimate venue we were in. With only 30 other people, the sounds radiated from everywhere.

Two Bicycles

Side project for Teen Daze. Two Bicycles chilled ethereal acoustics and vocals were excellent live. And when he started playing he encouraged everyone to relax and we all sat down. I thought that was a nice touch considering the installation Leslie and I had. This set was also a good precursor to the next and final act (with sitting down a nice transfer over).

Julianna Barwick

What do I really need to say? She’s awesome and even better live. Just watching her move with the slightest of hand motions to create the loops and background sounds, was amazing. As like before, we were all sitting and at the corner of my eyes, I saw people begin to lay back. Of course, I was initially thinking they should pay attention to my video, but I must admit, it was 11:30 by then and I was beat too. And I don’t remember much from her performance either, to my dismay but maybe that’s a good thing. Despite having one of the amps right up to my right ear, her voice in combination with the tight space and the celestial ambiance that Leslie and I created made for a relaxing vibe to just sit back and enjoy the night.

So all in all, I think the night went really well. All of the musicians showed up despite how difficult it is to reach our venue and people were praising the work Leslie and I displayed in the room. Now I can relax and last night was an excellent pay off for the amount of time I spent on my videos (which was at least 50 hours working on it and 50 hours rendering), which you can see excerpts of on my website (whoa! When did that happen? In the hurricane that is this and last month. If you’re curious, it’s teresatam.net) very soon, as in today. Hopefully I can get some live documentation (which in retrospect I should have done myself very easily, but I didn’t).

Off to the rest of my projects.



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